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Pianist Lynn Yew Evers
is getting to the top…

– RJ Lannan

Elysian is: thirteen tracks of contemporary piano music infused with a subtext of faith and … an anthem for those that take that first step and go on even when they stumble or when others cause them to fall behind. Just listen to Elysian. You can hear the sound of faith within Lynn Yew Evers’ notes. – RJ Lannan, ZMR

Lynn Yew Evers is a multitalented concert pianist, teacher, songwriter and composer, whose passion and determination lead her on an extraordinary journey of love and self-discovery. Coming to the United States from Malaysia in 2009 to further develop her musical career, Lynn left her ancestral home the vibrant, historical city of Ipoh, Malaysia, one of the country’s largest Chinese enclaves. Once a rich colonial mining outpost in the British Empire, Lynn’s Ipoh was both a large, bustling, multicultural city and a tropical paradise, its Buddhist temples and colonial architecture instilling in young Lynn a deep appreciation of the diverse cultures of her homeland. But it was her deep connection to nature that nurtured her inspiration and intention to pursue music as a career.

Since coming to the US, Lynn has released three albums, including two albums produced by famed New Age guitarist and Grammy® winner, Will Ackerman, has described her music as “…like a walk through the most beautiful garden you’ve ever imagined; her compositions imbued with profound emotion and grace. And

Popular reviewer for the Zone Music Reporter, R J Lannan sees in Lynn, “a pianist getting to the top.”

Join Lynn on her musical journey.

  • Will Ackerman, Producer
    “Pianist Lynn Evers brings her years of classical discipline to ELYSIAN. For her many fans, ELYSIAN will delight and for new listeners, these recordings will quickly become favorites. Backed by such famous players as bassist Tony Levin, six time Grammy winning cellist Eugene Friesen, ELYSIAN is a remarkable achievement from every standpoint.”
    Will Ackerman, Producer
    Grammy Award Guitarist
  •  Kathy Parson
    Dawn of Peace is exceptional from start to finish, and I give it my highest recommendation.
    Kathy Parson
  • Mary Ann McCurdy, Member of the board
    "With only one practice Lynn accompanied each singer flawlessly,even though the music was very challenging. Her ability to step in a very short notice and play complex music,in sync with individual performers,was amazing ."
    Mary Ann McCurdy, Member of the board
    Interplayers Professional Theatre
  • Jennifer Snead,Executive Director
    “Lynn was professional ,enthusiastic, and sight read extremely well.She was always punctual,rehearsed and worked as a team with the director and cast memebers.”
    Jennifer Snead,Executive Director
    The Cutter Theatre
  • Michael Dulin
    “You are now one of my favorite contemporary pianist/composers.Your tone is beautiful,your harmonic progression are interesting,and you melodies are beautiful”.
    Michael Dulin
    Pianist,composer, a graduate of Juilliard Music School
  • Jordon Buetow
    “It is truly exquisite.You have a deft touch on the piano, and it shows tremendously.In my opinion,the best piano solo album I’ve heard in quite sometime.”
    Jordon Buetow
  • Dorothy Baldwin
    “She creates beautiful phraces that capture both the style and mood of the music.You will not be disappointed in working with Lynn Evers!”
    Dorothy Baldwin
    Music Director of MHS Orchestra
  • John R. Crocker
    “Her music is absolutely beautiful.As warm as Satie,as technically proficient and precise as Horowitz.There is a real sense of peace in it.Quite beautiful. ”
    John R. Crocker
    Managing Partner Enterprise Iron
  • Raj Manoharan
    "The music is gentle and soothing, perfect for relaxation and getting away from it all. It is very melodic and intricate, making for a very listening experience.The recording is crisp and crackles with the warmth and immediacy of an intimate venue.This is the worthy addition to the catalog of solo piano albums out there, and both aficionados and casual listeners will find something of value here .
    Raj Manoharan
  • Will Acherman
    “Lynn evers has the heart of the romantic and the hands of the artist.The combination is very powerful.Her music is like a walk through the most beautiful garden you’ve ever imagined; her composition imbued with profound emotion and grace.”
    Will Acherman
    Grammy Award Guitarist

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